About DCL

Founded in 1992, DCL is a professional IT and E&M infrastructure service provider in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. We create value and dedicate our commitment for customers by offering powerful turnkey solution and quality branded products covering IT infrastructure, network, communication and consulting services to cope with the modern trends of digital infrastructure. The datacenter industry is changing and proliferating. We have seen significant developments throughout the past few years. The role of datacenter does not simply protect critical equipment but also to support digital infrastructure and strategy such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud. The computing environment for entefrprise or large organization is a mixed environment of public cloud, colocation, private datacenter, network closet room. The server machines are going virtual. Therefore, we have developed our own all in one modular datacenter solution to cope with the current IT infrastructure trends. The solution is a single rack that contains UPS, fire suppression, monitoring and cooling system. To diversify our business strategy and also provide total IT infrastructure solution to our customers, we become the sole distributor for some of the quality global branded products including intelligent PDU, monitoring system suppliers and others.




DCL is the industry specialist who masters the right technology. Our solutions and services are tailor-made to fulfill customers’ requirements and concerns. With the provision of a powerful turnkey solution, we guarantee to be your most valuable IT business partner of all time.  



“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.” – Abraham Lincoln

Every DCL customer is served by a team of experts who not only tackle your existing needs, but caters your future requirements as well. We are committed to providing a comprehensive, all-around service to our customers. Our quick responses professional consulting and maintenance services are accessible to our customers at all times. 




Project Management  

DCL formulates effective & practical training system to train our project engineers thus achieving our goal in balancing “cost, quality & time” for every project. Our projects usually follow major phases or stages including feasibility, definition, project planning, implementation, evaluation and support / maintenance.


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