Consulting Service

Nowadays, almost all corporations utilize big data analysis and AI to improve business efficiency. To undergo business transformation, they need to re-engineer current process and adopt technologies like cloud computing and a solid IT infrastructure to  support these initiatives.

What are the criteria you need to take into consideration for planning a new IT infrastructure?

For enterprises or larger organizations, the trends will be a mixed computing environment of public cloud, colocation, private datacenter and network closet room. Despite the growing trend of server machines being virtualized, the reliability and availability of the physical infrastructure are still part of the most critical elements of such transformation.

DCL’s consulting service includes design, implementation, and management of secure and robust IT infrastructures. Our goal is simple – “To provide a scalable and available IT platform that can sustain business growth in mid to long run.”

Consulting Service Highlights

  1. Design for a green datacenter to fulfil global standard like TIA-942 or ASHRAE cooling guidance
  2. Assessment service for existing IT infrastructure such as gap analysis or improvement plan
  3. Project management service for new construction site for government, utility, hotel, education or banking & finance segments
  4. Facilitator of certificate powered by Uptime Institute
  5. Tender issuance and management
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