DCL DCIM Case Study  centralized monitoring 1024x587 - DCIM Case Study: A centralized monitoring solution taking care of your multiple sites!

Background & Challenges

Our client is one of the well-known facilities services’ companies serving the community in Hong Kong. With multiple branches scattering in different areas, managing multiple locations can be very difficult. A centralized monitoring solution is essential to keep an eye on the environmental conditions of the server room to minimize equipment downtime and maintain service level. Lack of an efficient monitoring solution often ends up with extra workloads and lengthen trouble shooting time.



DCL DCIM solution is an ideal solution to tackle such challenges. Over 30+ sensors have been deployed in different site offices looking at the environmental conditions including temperature and humidity status. It can track environmental variables and alert a potential problem before it becomes a critical emergency. It is also a great help to watch over the potential threats especially temperature and humidity problems.



The solution is also compatible with a wide variety of hardware and software interfaces, including but not limited with SNMP, Modbus, BACnet and dry contacts where we integrated with the client’s hardware and software. The client now enjoys a 24/7 guard taking care of their multiple sites without increasing an additional of staff.


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