Networking & Cabling Infrastructure

All businesses nowadays need networks to communicate, store information, and obtain resources. Therefore, a secure, reliable and healthy network infrastructure is very important to all kinds of industries.

DCL specializes in providing network consultancy, network solution design and implementation services for your critical network infrastructure. We help to design and set up network infrastructure for your office; redesign and improve your existing network infrastructure in a variety of ways, for example evolve your flat LAN to a VLAN based network, or add resilient components to the network topology. Our consultants and IT specialists are able to implement a very sophisticated network infrastructure within a very tight schedule. We are also very flexible and are capable to address your specific needs and design the perfect network to suit your IT requirements and budget constraints.

Our networking infrastructure solution and services includes:

  1. Design, plan and implement network infrastructure for your new offices or campus buildings
  2. Review and revamp your existing network infrastructure to enhance the overall reliability and availability
  3. Provide healthy checking and assessment services on your existing network and figure out the areas for further improvement.
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