Office Infrastructure

Hong Kong is a fast moving cosmopolitan city, with over 7000 enterprises’ branches or even Asia Pacific hub sites here. Therefore, moving offices moving is a very common phenomenon here.

With over 26 years’ experience in providing IT infrastructure services, DCL is a well-known office relocation partner for corporate customers. To meet the needs of enterprises that require a quick and efficient relocation of offices, we offer a well-defined and hassle-free office infrastructure package. Our server room designs are based on the global standard TIA-942 and our products are always high quality as well as green-oriented.

Our office infrastructure package includes:

Preliminary budget & schedule plan for management

  1. Site selection and capacity planning
  2. Server room setup
  • UPS and electrical distribution systems
  • 7×24 cooling system
  • Fire detection and suppression system
  • Builder work
  • Infrastructure monitoring system
  • Racking system


  1. Structured cabling system
  2. PABX, IP Communication system
  3. Networking and Wi-Fi systems
  4. Remote surveillance system
  5. Access control system
  6. IT equipment relocation services
  7. Professional project management
  8. Full T&C and User Acceptance Test
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