DCL wrecking the tradition: what is iDCmini all-in-one datacenter

iDCmini Family

In the face of digital transformation, more business operations are shifting online faster than ever. Comprehensive IT infrastructure and a reliable and cost-effective datacenter are what every business needs, to fuel a new wave of growth.

To ease the pressure in datacenter investment, a series of all-in-one datacenters that can meet the requirements of a traditional datacenter, the iDCmini Family, is launched by DCL Communication. It is a completed turnkey solution that offers an adequate and secure environment to fully protect IT equipment with a relatively small budget and space.

The iDCmini Family integrates all computer systems and associated components, such as a UPS, fire suppression and monitoring in a single rack. It features high reliability, easy relocation and cost-effectiveness. The members of the iDCmini Family include the iDCmini Duo, iDCnano, iDCmini Edge-26, iDCmini Edge-16, iDCmini Air-42 and iDC Air-15, ranging from a budget friendly wall-mounted closet to high-end intelligent racks, to fit all environments in different business scenarios.

Why iDCmini

Reliable all-in-one datacenter
iDCmini guarantees you a safe and secured datacenter. A UPS, fire suppression and monitoring system are included in a single rack to protect your data center and provide you the real-time status of the IT infrastructure.

Requires less space
iDCmini is an ideal solution for companies that have limited space for their server room. It only takes 800mm x 1000mm x 1800m of space. Just one cabinet gives you the full functionality of the traditional server room.

Fast Deployment & High Mobility 
iDCmini minimal site works and it is easy to set up as fast as just a couple of days. It can be easily dismantled and moved to a new location.

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