2Millions 2 - Save up to HK$2 million by using iDCmini

The current economic climate along with high rental fees have prompted many organizations to relocate their offices and server rooms frequently, creating a huge burden on human resources and financial costs.

But did you know you can save up to HK$2 million by using our all-in-one solution?* The more you move, the more you save!

iDCmini, our reusable all-in-one datacenter solution encapsulates all your IT equipment needs in a single form factor:

 Fire suppression
 Monitoring system

One of our clients, a financial institution has relocated its iDCmini 3 times after their initial setup in 6 years! With our expert maintenance services, the iDCmini is still in perfect condition. As there is no need to construct a proper server room, you can save tons of money on relocation expenses, and save the environment every time.

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