Tidy Patch System

iDCmini's Tidy Patch System: high-density wiring, vacating more space of your rack for other resources

Due to the rapid development of technology and the ever-changing computing requirements, plus the expensive operation cost and limited space of Hong Kong. Companies must make good use of every inch of their rack cleverly. “Tidy Patch System” allows companies to manage their network and cabling more effectively, in order to optimize companies’ precious resources.

As cloud computing is becoming more popular, and virtualization technologies including VMware are becoming more mature. More companies have adopted the above technologies to reduce the number of servers hosting in their own datacenters, or even choose to completely host their services on cloud. This phenomenon has changed the usage of the datacenter. Less than 30% of the rack space is being used for server-related purposes, while the remaining 70% is now being used for network and wiring-related purposes.

The "Tidy Patch System" is an intelligent wiring technology investigated and developed by iDCmini with multiple unique features and advantages:​

Given the patch core will no longer be placed on the back of the rack, instead, it will appear in the front. “Tidy Patch System” does not only improve the overall appearance of the datacenter but also give you a great degree of flexibility in space management and convenience of maintenance.

iDCmini tidy patch technology

By applying the high-density cabling solutions, it will only take 15U of rack space to adequately install 240 UTP line network contacts that eventually free up about 27U of space for enterprises.

Upgraded-sealed cabinet

“Tidy Patch System” can be applied on an existing 42U rack with a high-density patch panel instead of the open rack. For those who request higher security and quality of the network, a sealed rack equipped with a lock can be used to ensure the security of the IT equipment.

Save nearly 65% of the rack space

Applying the high-density wiring frame technology, the “Tidy Patch System” can save nearly 65% of the rack space. To explain with an actual scenario, the entire 42U x 800 wide rack will be fully used, if the traditional wiring device with 240 UTP cable network contacts is adopted. On the contrary, if a high-density wiring solution is applied, only 15U of space will be used to accommodate 240 UTP cable network contacts, and 27U of space would be saved as a result. It gives the companies the ability to store more advanced equipment and prepare for the future system upgrade in the same space. In other words, datacenter rent can be saved.

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